Fits-ALL Tech Tips from the field

The following installation tips were submitted by some of our very talented installers that will help you use our mount more effectively and make installations easier.

FIRST, please read the installation instructions that come with the Fits-ALL mount.*

The bracket may be CUT with a hand hacksaw, or with a power hand jigsaw, while secured it to a bench with a clamp or vise but, many installers have reported very good success with metal shears such as the Irwin Bull Dog Snips, below.

The bracket may be air or hand BENT using two pairs of wide jaw Vise Grip locking

sheet metal pliers or clamps.   Position the jaws of the pliers about a 1/16 on either side of the bend line you have drawn and bend. The sharp edges of the pliers jaws may be filed down to a radius and then coated with a protective hard rubber coating that will minimize scratches. This rubber coating is commonly known as TOOL DIP. It is sold in hardware stores and is used to coat tool handles.

The bracket may also be BENT using a vise and a hammer and a block of hardwood. Clamp one side of the bracket in the vise with the bend line about 1/16 above the top of the jaws of the vise. Use the wood block to bend the bracket by pressing it against the protruding portion of the bracket and hitting the block with the hammer. This will allow you to bend the bracket along a straight line without adding hammer marks to the surface. When adding the bend adjacent to the mounting pad, that will protrude out of the dash, clamp the mounting pad side in the vise jaws, with soft cloth or cardboard over the vice jaws to protect this end from scratches.

A black felt tip permanent marker may be used to TOUCH-UP any scratches or filed edges as required.

If you encounter an UNFAMILIAR DASH ASSEMBLY and question how to disassemble it, information can be found on the web at other bracket manufacturer sites that can be of assistance. Also, save your vehicle-specific instruction sheets, they can be helpful when installing a Fits-ALL mount in a dash you see infrequently.


*The Fits-ALL mount is intended for use by experienced automotive installation technicians with prior knowledge of dash construction and installation techniques. Please exercise caution when working with dashboard components that may crack or break under undue force or pressure. It is also expected that as an experienced installation technician all hand and hand power tools will be used in a workman like manner and that all safety rules regarding the use of all tools will be understood and followed. Haltof Product Design, Inc. accepts no liability for any damage to a vehicle before, during or after the installation or removal of a Fits-ALL mount. Haltof Product Design, Inc. accepts no liability for any personal injury, resulting accident or improper installation of a Fits-ALL mount.


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