Haltof Product Design Services

(What WE Can DO for YOU!)

To get started, please contact Garry Haltof

We design products that WORK,  LOOK like they work,  and therefore SELL.


Design Services:

q       Product Creation

q       Product Design

q       Product Evaluation

q       Mechanical and Electro/mechanical Product and Mechanism Design

q       From design layout drawings & solid models to component detail drawings*

*Using, SolidWorks, AutoCAD Inventor & AutoCAD

q       Product Promotion, Product Packaging and Show Display Design and Construction.

q       14 PATENTED Designs, so far.

Market Solutions in Product Form


q       Rapid Prototyping; 3D printing, molded plastic and sheet metal parts in 2 weeks, etc.

q      Plastic Injection Molding

q       Plastic and Metal Extrusion

q       Sheet Metal Forming and Stamping, (Multi-Slide, Progressive, LASER, Etc.)

q       Roll Forming

q       Blow Molding

q       Zinc and Aluminum Die-Casting

q       Sand Casting

q       Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Product designs that meet market needs, real and perceived.


q       Product and component designs using all the above technologies

q       Two in-house Wireless Telecommunication products designed, patented, trademarked and currently in production. One featured in The Wall Street Journal (on design) and AP articles

q       Medical & Dental designs

q       Printed Circuit Board and Mechanism Enclosure designs

q       EPS Packaging designs

q       Extruded Plastic & Aluminum Window Jamb Liner designs


To get started, please contact Garry Haltof


"There are no problems, only solutions." John Lennon



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