The Fits-ALL mount

Installation Instructions



This product is intended for use by experienced automotive installation technicians with prior knowledge of dash construction and accessory installation techniques. Please exercise caution when working with dashboard components that may crack or break under undue force or pressure. Bracket location ideas and disassembly information for many vehicle dashboards can be found on the web at other mounting bracket manufactures sites.

Congratulations! you are about to install the most advanced, universal, no visible holes, mounting bracket available today! Yes, " it needs work," but in your capable hands, our Fits-ALL mount can be readily modified to fit ANY dash and will allow you to place the dash mounted electronic device WHERE you want it, RIGHT NOW.

Here's how:

1. As usual, you should prepare the vehicle to be worked on; set the parking break, disconnect the battery, etc. Carefully disassemble the dash trim to uncover the dash interior.

2. Position the accessory-mounting portion of the Prototyping Template in the desired location. The mount, and accessory, should not interfere with any dashboard controls or air vents and MUST NOT be in the path of the AIR BAG! Look to the inside of the dash adjacent to the template to find appropriate existing screws and/or mounting surfaces. Bend and cut the template tabs as needed to line-up with the mounting screws and surfaces, leaving at least 1/4" of template material around each mounting screw. Keep in mind that part of the mounting tab has to pass through the gap between two parts of the dash; usually between a trim piece and the edge of the dash cowling. Mark the screw locations on the template. Mark the new hole locations in the template and their matching mounting surfaces by pushing an awl or nail through the template into the mounting surface.

3. The new tab shape(s) and hole locations may now be transferred to the mount using a scribe or felt tip pen. Modify the tab(s) to the new shape but do not drill any new holes until the tab(s) have been bent to fit the dash. Drill the holes for any existing mounting screws first, attach the bracket and then match drill any new holes with a pilot drill. Remove the mount and drill out the new holes with a clearance drill.

4. Reinstall the mount, reassemble the dash and, you're done!

The Fits-ALL mount owes its success to its users and we are very interested in your reactions and ideas. Please communicate with us! We carefully read our mail and take the time to talk to our customers. Check out Tech Tips from the Field to see what we have learned.

It's Advanced Raw Material

It is expected that all hand and power tools will be used in a workman like manner and that all safety rules regarding the use of all tools will be understood and followed. Haltof Product Design, Inc. accepts no liability for any damage to a vehicle before, during or after the installation, use or removal of a Fits-ALL mount. Haltof Product Design, Inc. accepts no liability for any personal injury resulting from accident or the installation, use or removal of a Fits-ALL mount.


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