Reprinted from:March 2006


Haltof's Fits-ALL sales fly

on I-Pod, GPS and Satellite Radio high 

PENFIELD, NY A spokes-person at Haltof Product Design said yesterday that sales of their universal automotive electronics-mounting bracket have, in the past few months, reached record heights. While not quite at the 22,500 mile high, geo-stationary orbit of a Satellite-Radio satellite, our sales have indeed gone through the roof

Ten year ago, engineering consultant Garry Haltof emerged on the 12 Volt scene with his First to market Flip Clip cradle. The product, featured in two articles in The Wall Street Journal, provided a place to put your phone on a vehicle dashboard.

Stemming from that original idea, Haltof has designed the Fits-ALL, a universal single SKU replacement for the Pro-Fit type dashboard mount.

By replacement, I mean that it can be used in place of any and all vehicle specific mounts in any all vehicles that have ever been made, or will be made. Haltof said, referring to his Fits-ALL. But, am not suggesting that it necessarily should.

Haltof said installers should use the appropriate vehicle-specific mount if one is in stock. If no mount is on hand, though the Fits-All will fill the bill. Although the mount requires a little longer to install (about 15 minutes, depending on the skill of the installer), It is much faster, and less expensive, than requiring the customer to come back at a later date when the special-ordered vehicle-specific mount is in. Haltof said.

Our mount also allows the installer to install a mount anywhere on the vehicle dash, he said. This allows the customer, or the installer, to choose where he or she wants the Sat-radio or other device to be mounted. This flexibility also allows a second device to be mounted to the dash.

Haltof adds, By being non-vehicle or dashboard-specific, our Fits-All mount is universal on a World Wide basis. It works equally well in right and left hand drive vehicles, from econo-boxes to tractor-trailers, world wide!

Haltof, a consulting engineer and founder of Haltof Product Design, Inc. has seen his products find a niche in the communications marketplace It has been instructive, but it hasnt been easy, Haltof said.

His first cellular phone holder, the slim Flip Clip cradle just slightly larger than the Motorola DPC 550 Flip Phone is was designed to hold, was developed to fill a need he saw in the market.

At what Haltof describes as an amazing encounter while looking for a simple cradle for his new Flip Phone he was handed a plain white box with just a UPC sticker on it. The box contained a squared-off, sharp edged cradle-like device.

He had discovered that in reaction to requests from their retailers, Motorola was packaging the molded plastic upper half of their hands free unit as a cradle. I recall thinking at that moment that the market was speaking to me, Haltof said.

As a consumer he had realized, as had apparently many others, that dialing his phone in his hand while driving, was not ideal. As an entrepreneurial product designer he had the tools, and now the initiative, to fill the gap he saw in the market, and the Flip Clip cradle was born.

After winning a much-publicized battle with Motorola over his Flip Clip trademark, the company is now enjoying a highflying ride on its Fits-All universal automotive electronics-mounting bracket. Its been a long road, in a tough highly competitive marketplace. Haltof said. But it has definitely been worth the time and the effort

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